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Editor marks National Hospital Week in hospital

A column by Bill Fouch, editor of the Grant County Press

PETERSBURG, W.Va. — It was only fitting that during National Hospital Week, I spent part of it at Grant Memorial Hospital.

I’m no stranger to that facility. I’ve been up there so many times they know me on a first name basis.

I’ve been there for a heart attack, congestive heart failure, kidney stone, renal failure and at least once when my meds got out of sync.

This time it was something new.

Seems there is bacteria in our colon that does a wonderful job there, but wreaks havoc on the system when it gets into the blood stream.

One of the little “bugs” got in there. A fever of 102.8, so weak I could hardly stand and shaking like a wet dog got me a trip to the emergency room by ambulance.

Dr. Thompson took over my case, and like a bloodhound following a scent, he tracked down the specific bacteria, point of entry and the antibiotics to kill the nasty little devils.

Note: Dr. Thompson is not my regular doctor. I jokingly tell everyone, “I save him for the big medical crisises in my life … heart attacks, blood infections.”

Five days in the hospital reminded me how thankful we should be to have such a facility. Again, as every time I’ve been there, I’ve been impressed by the staff. They have always been professional, attentive, caring and compassionate.

Every nurse, aide or other staff member that took care of me generated an aura of genuine concern for my welfare.

I appreciated that!

I joked one morning when breakfast was delivered,“What, no sausage?” Moments later the young lady delivered a plate with sausage. I told her I was only kidding, but that sausage tasted great.

The worst part about this medical visit was me ignoring the wife’s instructions/orders to go to the emergency room. Ok, I should have gone when she first “suggested” I go.

She is hard to live with now and has shaken her finger in my face and said, (in a loud voice) “Are you going to listen to me the next time I tell you to go to the hospital?”

“Yes dear.” (I hate it when she’s right.)

I would like to congratulate the staff at Grant Memorial Hospital and salute them for a belated National Hospital Week. Keep up the good work.

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