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Fairmont paper marks 1866 start of ‘The Vedette’

Times-West Virginian images
Times-West Virginian images

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — For 150 years, the Times West Virginian and its predecessors have been serving Fairmont and Marion County. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the launch of The Vedette, the weekly newspaper that started in 1866.

That newspaper would two years later be renamed The West Virginian and in 1976 permanently joined with its sister paper The Fairmont Times and took on the name Times West Virginian, the name we proudly display each day on the front page of this newspaper.

For nearly as long as West Virginia has been a state, this newspaper has been here. There are very few businesses or institutions in this county that can claim to have been established and still going strong after 150 years. But it never really has been about us…

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