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Fairmont paper launches parenting magazine

Fairmont magazine cover FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Volunteers from the Times West Virginian passed out bright blue bags filled with goodies, like crayons and coloring books, to hundreds of children who attended the Easter egg hunt Saturday at Palatine Park.

 On the side of the bag were the words “Because I Said So.”

That might be something you heard a lot as a child and even something you might say to your own children.

It’s something we’ve been saying a lot at the newspaper lately, too. But only because it’s an exciting new publication we’re launching at the end of this month — a parenting magazine for the family on the go.

As parents, we arm ourselves with as much information as we can — listening to the advice of pediatricians, our own parents, our friends — because we know that for just 18 short years, we have the major responsibility of raising children to be good, productive and successful adults.

This new magazine, which will debut on April 30, is just one more tool parents can use to help guide their children toward the right decisions along the right paths. Each issue of this quarterly magazine is going to have some real-world advice for parents, information from experts, ideas for family fun and more.

We’ve packed a lot of information in this inaugural issue, because we know there’s a busy summer coming for local families full of vacations and day-cations, sports and outdoor activities, picnics and barbecues, birthday parties and big events.

We’ve matched our content to the busy lives of our readers… 


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