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Daily Mail taps reader views on comics, puzzles

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Do you happily tape “Family Circus” to your fridge?

Do you love or hate “Pearls Before Swine”?

Don’t feel complete without the Jumble?

About once a year we take a look at our newspaper syndicated features lineup. Usually that’s prompted by proposed rate increases by the syndicates, so we’re assessing what still seems worth the price.

Often, though, we just guess at what’s resonating with readers.

And before I go any further, here’s a universal truth: different people like different things. In other words, you’re never gonna please everyone.

Still, we’d like to know more about what our readers like, so we invited you to tell us.

In print editions, which is where the comics and puzzles live (sorry Internet readers), we’ve been printing a survey: “Like it a lot,” “It’s OK,” “Hate it” and “Would not notice if it were gone” for each of our current syndicated offerings.

This is not exactly a popular vote. It’s not a “vote one off the island” kind of thing. But I’m interested in seeing any trends. I’m probably most interested in how people reply to “It’s OK” and “Would not notice if it were gone” — those features that just don’t move the needle either way.

The survey has been running for a few weeks and responses have been flowing in steadily…

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