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Charleston Newspapers to offer digital seminars

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Working to help local businesses, Charleston Newspapers is launching a series of seminars to teach small business owners about how “migrating into the digital space” will help them.

Getting better access to the Internet helps businesses promote their products, and can let them see how people are talking about their businesses on social media sites.

“We all need to integrate more into the digital space. Small and medium-sized businesses need to do it too,” said John Kelly, advertising director for Charleston Newspapers.

“We will offer seminars on how to use the Internet,” Kelly said. “We want to establish ourselves in this area. Google is the new Yellow Pages.”

Rich West, advertising sales manager for Charleston Newspapers, said, “No business is too small. Folks need to have a digital presence, a mobile-friendly website.”

The first seminar will be held on Thursday, from 9 a.m. until noon, in the Riverview East conference room in the Charleston Newspapers parking building. Admission is free, but seating is limited..

Parking is free inside the parking building. Complimentary breakfasts will be available. Those who attend will also receive a free “reputation management” report.

“This will be the first of a series of seminars to educate local businesses on digital websites and digital marketing…

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