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Blog: wvpress extra — Bring a jacket to Convention 2014

Aug. 5, 2014:

Everyone is excited and working hard to prepare for WVPA Convention 2014. 

Just a reminder for you when packing your suitcase for Canaan Valley Resort and Convention 2014. And please share this with any staff members, your spouse or guests who will be attending convention with you. 

We are expecting sunny weather on Thursday and Friday with just a chance of rain Saturday. Temperatures will be in the low 70s during the day and 50s at night. Bring a jacket. 

As for dress during the event, Thursday night’s President Reception is a “coat and tie” event. Perhaps a bow tie in honor of Dr. E. Gordon Gee, who will speak during the event. 

Friday’s Advertising Awards luncheon is business causal to coat and tie event.

Friday night is game night. Everyone is encouraged to relax in their favorite sports team jersey or shirt – or your company wear – and enjoy Canaan’s offerings while we network, play several games, organized trivia and watch the Pittsburgh Pirates broadcast. It’s a great time to meet your peers and relax. The swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) at Canaan Valley Resort are open.  

Saturday’s BNC Banquet is another coat and tie event.

All seminars and other events are resort casual 

Don’t forget the jackets!!!!

In case you missed it, Timberline Resort is providing free access to all of its activities. Wow. What a great benefit. We really appreciate Tracy Herz efforts on behalf of the WVPA. Bring comfortable shoes for Timberline’s Timber Zips, horseback riding and hiking and shopping in Davis, Thomas and the region. 

If your travel gives you the option of taking Corridor H to Canaan Valley, do it! One of the most beautiful rides in West Virginia. 

See you Thursday!

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