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WVU Online offers a wide variety of courses during Winter Intersession, Dec. 17-Jan. 3

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. —  West Virginia University undergraduates looking to fit an extra course into their schedule, who want to boost their GPAs, or who simply want to make the most of their upcoming winter breaks can earn up to three credit hours during WVU Online’s “Winter Intersession,” Dec. 17-Jan. 3.

Winter Intersession offers a flexible, online environment that allows students to take classes while still enjoying their winter break,” said Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning Keith Bailey. “Students who are looking to earn credits, or those wanting to lessen their Spring 2018 academic course load, would benefit from participating in Winter Intersession.

“It’s also a great way for seniors to fit in a course they need in order to graduate on time in the spring.”

Bailey said students may register for Winter Intersession at the same time they sign up for spring classes, beginning at the end of October.

Courses available during the Winter Intersession include:

Business Core 360: Supply Chain Management (3 credits)

Communication Studies 305: Appreciation of Motion Pictures (3 credits)

Engineering 140: Engineering in History (3 credits)

Film 101: The Art of Film 1 (3 credits)

History 153: Making of Modern American: 1865-Present (3 credits)

Human Nutrition and Foods 126: Society and Food (3 credits)

Human Nutrition and Foods 171: Introduction to Human Nutrition (3 credits)

Humanities 101: Introduction to Western Civilization 1 (3 credits)

Landscape Architecture 212: History of Landscape Architecture (3 credits)

Language Teaching Methods 393A: SPTP: Language Matters (3 credits)

Library Instruction 101: Introduction to Library Research (1 credit)

Marketing 485: Global marketing (3 credits)

Music 100: Fundamentals of Music Theory (1 credit)

Music 111: Introduction to Music (3 credits)

Music 116: Music in World Cultures (3 credits)

Native American Studies 200: Introduction to Native American Studies (3 credits)

Orientation 151: Choosing a Major and a Career (1 credit)

Philosophy 130: Current Moral Problems (3 credits)

Physical Education 124: Fitness Walking (1 credit)

Physical Education/Teaching 175: Motor Development (2 credits)

Religious Studies 102: Introduction to World Religions (3 credits)

Sociology and Anthropology 101: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

Sociology and Anthropology 221: Families and Society (3 credits)

Sport and Exercise Psychology 271: Sport in American Society (3 credits)

Theatre 101: Introduction to Theatre (3 credits)

Wildlife and Fisheries Management 150: Principle-Conservation Ecology (3 credits)

Women and Gender Studies 150: Women in Movies (3 credits)

All courses are charged the standard WVU tuition rate of $369 per hour, regardless of residency of the student.

Students cannot exceed three credit hours during Winter Intersession and must be in good academic standing. Those with questions should call WVU Online at 1.800.253.2762.

CONTACT: Julie Thalman, WVU Online
304.293.2834; Julie [email protected]

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