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Wood County Commission, Relic Hunters discuss Fort Boreman findings

By Brett Dunlap, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — A group who hunted relics over the past few months on Fort Boreman Hill presented their findings to the Wood County Commission on Thursday.

Brian Kesterson of the 35th State Relic Hunters appeared before the commission to present their findings.

Some of the items included .58-Caliber bullets (circa 1840s-1860s), some Williams Cleanout bullets, some Buck Balls, a .48 Caliber Revolver Ball and pieces of a pocket watch believed to be from the early 1800s from Liverpool England. They also found part of a ration bone, something soldiers in the Civil War were given when stationed in the area.

“These are some pretty decent recoveries from that area,” Kesterson said.

They also found what is believed to be a 1960’s era Boy Scout mess kit with the initials “R.B.” on it as well as M1 Garand Clips and cartridges from the 4th U.S. Marines and 1092nd Engineers who did training up on Fort Boreman Hill prior to the Vietnam War.

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