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West Virginia Juried Exhibit 2017 winners announced

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. Artists from Lindside, Harpers Ferry and Hurricane won the top prizes in the West Virginia Division of Culture and History’s 20th West Virginia Juried Exhibition, which opened Sunday, Nov. 12, at the Art Museum of West Virginia University in Morgantown.

Hurricane, W.Va., artist Chris Krupinski’s painting, “Squared,” was chosen as a $5,000 Governor’s Award winner for this year’s West Virginia Juried Exhibition.
(Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History)

“The 2017 West Virginia Juried Exhibition is dedicated to Dr. J. Bernard Schultz, in honor of his steadfast devotion to the establishment of the Art Museum of West Virginia University,” WVDCH Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith said in a news release. “It is a tribute to all West Virginia artists across the Mountain State.”

The exhibit, featuring 84 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, mixed media and crafts created by 80 West Virginia artists, is cosponsored by the West Virginia Commission on the Arts. The exhibit will remain on display through Feb. 11, 2018.

Ten pieces in the exhibit will be purchased and become part of the West Virginia State Museum’s permanent collection. Jurors Elaine D. Gustafson of Greensboro, North Carolina, and Courtney Kessel of Athens, Ohio, selected Lindside artist Kylene Babski’s “Self Portrait, in Shadow”; Harpers Ferry artist Bruce Fransen’s “Shell Form No. 45”; and Hurricane artist Chris Krupinski’s “Squared” as this year’s $5,000 Governor’s Award winners.

“Self Portrait, in Shadow” also received the D. Gene Jordon Memorial Award, which is named for a former chairman of the West Virginia Commission on the Arts who died in 1989.

Artists receiving $2,000 Awards of Excellence include Gabe DeWitt of Morgantown for “Everyone in Seattle is Crazy”; Susan Feller of Augusta for “Progress in the Mountains”; F. Brian Ferguson of Oak Hill for “Union 76, Ed Shepherd”; Seth Hill of Clarksburg for “Deegan Lake”; Joseph Lupo of Morgantown for “…A And Anything”; Robin McClintock of Hendricks for “What is More Important?”; and Thomas Wharton of Wheeling for “The Calling.”

An additional eight Merit Awards of $500 were made that are not purchase awards and do not become part of the museum’s collection. They include Douglas Chadwick of Hillsboro for “Hills Creek June 2016”; Betsy A. Cox of Glen Dale for “Saguaro”; Pat Cross of Eleanor for “The Passage”; Cheryl Ryan Harshman of Wheeling for “Poppy Fields and Wheat”; Awyn Danielle McQueen-Milam of St. Albans for “At Anchor”; Marjory Mosses of Elkins for “Autumn Swirl”; Norm Sartorius of Parkersburg for “Seahorse”; and Maggie Starcher of South Charleston for “Eruption.”

Many of the works on display are for sale and may be purchased through the close of the exhibition.

Artists participating in the 2017 West Virginia Juried Exhibition are:

— Dick Allowatt of St. Albans, “Origin,” Mixed Media;

— Eddie Austin of Hamlin, “Ash Credenza,” Crafts;

— Kylene Babski of Lindside, “Self Portrait, in Shadow,” Drawing;

— Steve Balcourt of Exchange, “Rocks and Moss, 2016,” Photography;

— Adrienne Biesemeyer of Alderson, “Kalahari Tango,” Crafts;

— Michele Binegar of St. Marys, “Embers,” Digital Art;

— Alex Brand of Lewisburg, “Tulip Encalmo Vase,” Sculpture;

— Matthew Carr of Meadow Bridge, “The Chase,” Painting;

— Douglas Chadwick of Hillsboro, “Hills Creek June 2016,” Photography;

— John Coffey of Princeton, “Granny and Me,” Drawing;

— Dylan Collins of Morgantown, “In Defense of Intellectual Luxury,” Sculpture;

— Chuck Conner of Spencer, “Tibetan Grandmothers,” Photography;

— Betsy A. Cox of Glen Dale, “Saguaro,” Crafts;

— Pat Cross of Eleanor, “The Passage,” Painting;

— David Seth Cyfers of Huntington, “Fake Art,” Mixed Media;

— Kevin Dartt of Martinsburg, “Procurement: Phase 1,” Sculpture;

— Gabe DeWitt of Morgantown, “Everyone in Seattle is Crazy,” Drawing;

— Stephanie Dulaney of Fairmont, “Fused Glass Plate,” Crafts;

— Chris Dutch of Charleston, “Martha and Mary,” Crafts;

— Susan Feller of Augusta, “Progress in the Mountains,” Crafts;

— Brian Fencl of Wheeling, “Mountain Top Remover,” Painting;

— F. Brian Ferguson of Oak Hill, “Bridge Day,” Photography, and “Union 76, Ed Shepard,” Photography;

— Bob Fisher of Charleston, “Quiet Desperation,” Sculpture;

— Thomas R. Fletcher of Cowen, “Time Passage,” Photography;

— Bruce Fransen, Harpers Ferry, “Caramel Splash,” Sculpture, and “Shell Form No. 45,” Sculpture;

— Leiane Gibson of Princeton, “Twilight on New River,” Photography;

— Melony Gingery of Parkersburg, “The Realm of the Unknown,” Painting;

— Linda S. Gribko of Morgantown, “Show Girl,” Digital Art;

— Don Hall of Elkins, “Mountain Meadow,” Painting;

— Sheila M. Hardaway-Cain of Beckley, “Richard and Diana,” Painting;

— Cheryl Ryan Harshman of Wheeling, “Poppy Fields and Wheat,” Print;

— Janet Hart of Wheeling, “Demitasse,” Painting;

— Alison Helm of Morgantown, “Galactic Dreamscape,” Sculpture;

— Seth Hill of Clarksburg, “Deegan Lake,” Painting;

— Tom Hindman, St. Albans, “Japanese Cherry Tree,” Photography;

— Vernon F. Howell of Barboursville, “Industry’s Ascent,” Mixed Media;

— Jim Jackson of Charleston, “Creek with Picnic Shelter,” Painting;

— Mark Jennings of Lewisburg, “Creek Mouth,” Photography;

n Anne Johnson of Summersville, “I’ll Take You There,” Photography, and “Traveling the Milky Way,” Photography;

— Michael Keller of St. Albans, “Windows,” Photography;

— Anthony Kelly of Milton, “10 Parts Whole,” Sculpture;

— Machele Kindle of Montgomery, “Pink Collar,” Crafts;

— Chris Krupinski of Hurricane, “Happy,” Painting, and “Squared,” Painting;

— Stephen Lawson of Morgantown, “Paraglider,” Photography;

— Lavana Lemley of Vienna, “Tranquil Black Rabbit,” Sculpture;

— Michael Loop of Morgantown, “Our Lady of West Virginia,” Mixed Media;

— Chet Lowther of Charleston, “Untitled,” Painting;

— Joseph Lupo of Morgantown, “…A And Anything,” Print;

— Ric MacDowell of Hamlin, “Abandoned Factory Graffiti,” Photography;

— Leona Mackey of Huntington, “Oriental Daydream,” Sculpture;

— Robin McClintock of Hendricks, “What is More Important?,” Mixed Media;

— Don McDowell of Huntington, “Dugout,” Painting;

— Betty McMullen of Charleston, “Champagne,” Painting;

— Awyn Danielle McQueen-Milam of St. Albans, “At Anchor,” Painting;

— Jeff Morehead and Becky Anderson of Mineral Wells, “Wildwood,” Digital Art;

— Marjory Moses of Elkins, “Autumn Swirl,” Digital Art;

— Taylor W. Raab of Charleston, ‘Boys in Havana,” Photography;

— Christine Rhodes of Parkersburg, “Cairn V – I Was Here,” Painting;

— Damon Rhodes of Parkersburg, “Wonderful West Virginia-North Bend Lake,” Photography;

— Melinda Russell of Alderson, “Barn,” Mixed Media;

— Randall Sanger of Williamson, “Sunshine Buttress Sunrise,” Photography;

— Norm Sartorius of Parkersburg, “Seahorse,” Crafts;

— Amy Schissel of Morgantown, “Fixed-Fluid,” Painting;

— Randy Selbe of Hurricane, “Convex Chain Reaction,” Mixed Media;

— Thad Settle of Dunbar, “Hoeft Marsh, Looking West,” Painting;

— Michael A. Sizemore of Athens, “Storm 1,” Sculpture;

— Clayton Spangler II of Charleston, “Confetti Swirl,” Photography;

— Maggie Starcher of South Charleston, “Eruption,” Painting;

— Linda Stonestreet of Hurricane, “Midnight Garden,” Painting;

— Nicole Suptic of White Oak, “Elmwood Lady,” Drawing;

— Regina G. Swim of Charleston, “What Was She Thinking?,” Crafts;

— Tiera Tanner of Morgantown, “Engrained, Composed: Joyce,” Painting;

— Maggian Thompson of Ranger, “A Lifetime Ago,” Drawing;

— Robert Villamagna of Wheeling, “A Clean Mill,” Mixed Media;

— Herb Weaver of Bethany, “American Tea Party,” Sculpture;

— Shea Wells of Fayetteville, “Aspen Fire,” Mixed Media;

— Thomas Wharton of Wheeling, “The White Peony,” Painting, and “The Calling,” Painting;

— Randy B. Williams of Independence, “Silent Raindrops,” Painting; and

— Jenny Wilson of Morgantown, “Autumn’s Sweet Beginning,” Painting.

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