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West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission accepting comments on proposed 4-year college funding formula


Charleston Gazette-Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A state agency is accepting comments through April 27 on a proposed funding formulafor West Virginia’s public 4-year colleges. The formula would grant more money for serving “high-risk” students, provide schools more funding for the nonhumanities credits students take and mostly consider only in-state students’ data.

Chris Treadway, senior director of research and policy for the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, said the funding formula, if lawmakers adopt it, would determine only the distribution of the total base general revenue state appropriation. He said that is about $229.4 million for the current fiscal year, and the formula isn’t proposed to change the $33.2 million in “special-purpose” money provided to West Virginia University, Marshall University and West Virginia State University.

If it were fully implemented using this fiscal year’s $229.4 million total appropriation, the formula would drop funding for three schools: WVU would lose $9.2 million, the WVU Institute of Technology would lose $3.3 million and Glenville State College would lose $1 million.

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