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Where do W.Va. politicians get funding?

All relied mostly on PAC donations

By David Beard

The Dominion Post

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., recently drew attention for his campaign fundraising described in his April Quarterly report to the Federal Election Commission: He received only six donations from West Virginia voters, compared to150 from out-of-state residents and 128 from political action committees (PACs).

His fundraising performance was matched byRep. Alex Mooney, from the 2nd District, who also received only six in-state donations — two of those from the same person — compared to96 from out-of-state residents and 40 from PACs.

All five members of the West Virginia delegation relied heavily on PAC donations in the April report, with all but Mooney receiving well over half their money from PACs.

Here’s a look at each of the five. The April Quarterly report covers the period of Jan. 1 through March 31.

House of Representatives

Rep. David McKinley R-1st District

McKinley reported $125,300 in donations in his April report. He received 14 donations from West Virginia voters, totaling $18,800: 15 percent of his overall cash total, 93.8 percent of his individual contributions.

He received only two donations from out-of-state residents, totaling $1,250: less than 1 percent of his overall,6.2 percent of his indivi-dual gifts.

McKinley received 53 PAC donations, totaling $105,250: 84 percent of his cash total.

One of McKinley’s out-of-state donations came from Maryland, the other from Virginia.

Rep. Alex Mooney, R-2nd District

Mooney claimed $182,835 in donations. His six in-state gifts totaled $4,000: 2.2 percent of his overall, 3.7 percent of his individual gifts.

Mooney’s 96 out-of-state donations totaled $105,410: 57.6 percent of his overall, 97.8 percent of his individual gifts.

His 40 PAC contributions totaled $73,725: 40.3 per-cent of his total, the lowest percentage of the five.

Mooney served in the Maryland state Senate from 1999 to 2011 — representing a district in the Washington, D.C., area, and the majority of his contributions come from that area: 27 from Maryland, 17 from Virginia, eight from D.C.

He received nine from California, six from Massachusetts, five from Florida and Michigan, and gifts from 14 other states.

Rep. Evan Jenkins, R-3rd District

Jenkins received more in-state than out-of-state donations, but PAC money still made up more than half his total.

West Virginia residents gave 81 donations totaling $86,706.96:23.7 percent of his overall take; 62.8 percent of his individual gifts.

Out-of-state residents gave 27 donations totaling $51,350: 14 percent of his total; 37.2 percent of gifts.

Jenkins received 103 PAC donations totaling $227,750: 62.3 percent of his total.

His single-largest concentration of out-of-state donations came from Virginia, with six. He received five from Florida and four each from Tennessee and Texas; the Texas gifts came from former West Virginia residents.

The remainder came from four states and D.C.


Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va.

Capito’s total take for the quarter was relatively small: Only $29,500.

She received one donation from West Virginia, for $1,000: 3.4 percent of her total; 20 percent of her individual donations.

She received four out-of-state donations totaling $4,000: 13.6 percent of her total; 80 percent of her individual gifts.

Her PAC money totaled $24,500, from 18 donations.

Two of her out-of-state donations came from Virginia, two from Maryland.

Sen. Joe Manchin,D-W.Va.

Manchin’s donations for the quarter totaled $552,800.

His six West Virginia donations totaled $7,900: 1.4 per-cent of his total; 3.4 percent of his individual gifts.

Manchin’s out-of-state donations totaled $225,700; 139 were direct donations, 11 were channeled through ActBlue, a PAC that accepts online donations for Democratic candidates who set up ActBlue accounts.

Manchin’s out-of-state donations made up 40.8 percent of his total; 96.6 percent of his individual gifts.

His 128 PAC donations totaled $319,200: 57.7 percent of his total.

Texas residents tooka disproportionate inter-est in Manchin, offering60 donations.

D.C. came a distant second with 29 donations; followed by Pennsylvania, 15; New York, 14; and Virginia, 13. The rest came from10 other states.

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