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Tom Willis discusses campaign at West Virginia University


The Daily Athenaeum

U.S. Senate Republican candidate and veteran Tom Willis speaks to WVU college Republicans on his campaign tour.
(Daily Athenaeum photo by Ali Barrett)

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia has the highest population of veterans per person, and congress has the lowest percentage of veterans ever, with 20 percent that have had military experience before serving, according to U.S. Senate Republican candidate Tom Willis.

“I think folks are really excited to see one legitimate candidate [that] has real business experience and is also a veteran,” Willis said. “I’m the only veteran in the race. I think it’s important for West Virginians to send somebody with military experience.”

After working for the West Virginia National Guard for 18 years, Willis was looking for what came next in his career.

“Speaking with my wife and I, we’re looking at where things stand in West Virginia, where things stand in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “We feel like we can best serve our fellow man by continuing service as a statesmen.”

Willis said he takes it personally that West Virginia is ranked low in different categories such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, labor force participation rate, teachers salary, education and graduation rates.

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