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Students, RCBI combine to produce artificial leg for disabled chicken


The Herald-Dispatch

A baby chick attempts to walk with a prosthetic leg 3-D printed by students with the Cabell County Schools’ gifted program at Robert C. Byrd Institute in Huntington.
(Herald-Dispatch by Sholten Singer)

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Under normal circumstances, nature typically disposes of the baby chicks born sickly or deformed each year in a classroom project at Central City Elementary School.

And though a slipped tendon had doomed one particular peeping puff to a life of flailing about on a crippled leg, it kept on living and growing each time the students checked on it in Laura Blackman’s talented and gifted class.

Bumble is now a sizable 4-week-old bird – normal except for its upturned and immobile foot – and its well-being has become the subject of a collaborative effort between the class and the Robert C. Byrd Institute in downtown Huntington.

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