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Spending a morning with the Peters Mountain pipeline protesters


The Register-Herald

A self-described tree-sitter sits on a wooden structure in a tree on Peters Mountain in Monroe County near the Appalachian Trail Monday. The sitters are in trees in the pathway of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and have been there since February. A new hearing for the sitters is scheduled for today at the Monroe County courthouse.
(Register-Herald photo by Jenny Harnish)

PETERS MOUNTAIN, W.Va.  — This mountain rises out of the valley floor like a fortress wall rising to the heavens.

As for a political boundary, it is obvious why it was used to separate Monroe County from three Virginia counties just across the ridge.

It is imposing as you approach it, but as you climb its side you feel as if the mountain is alive.

Water pools up from its interior; cuts and sinkholes form its texture; but most of all there is the sound.

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