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Rockwool, Jefferson BOE face off in U.S. Federal Court


The Journal

A digital rendering of the proposed Rockwool manufacturing plant in Ranson.
(Rendering courtesy of Rockwool)

MARTINSBURG, W.Va.  — Representatives from both Rockwool and the Jefferson County Board of Education were in U.S. Federal Court on Tuesday after Rockwool filed a motion for a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction to prohibit the board from taking “any further action in furtherance of its threat to condemn Rockwool’s property.”

Chief U.S. District Judge Gina Groh heard testimony from Jefferson County Board of Education Superintendent Bondy Shay Gibson; Peter Regenberg, Rockwool’s vice president of operations, U.S.; and Kathryn Skinner, president of the Jefferson County Board of Education.

Rockwool’s motion for a preliminary injunction stems from a civil lawsuit filed by Rockwool against the Jefferson County Board of Education. On April 9, the board allegedly told Rockwool that it had outstanding plans to construct a Regional Student Support Center, and the board offered to buy 194.7 acres of Rockwool’s property for $1,362,900. According to court documents, the board also threatened to condemn the property if the offer was rejected.

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