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Raleigh Commission votes to dissolve town of Rhodell

By Josephine E. Moore, The Register-Herald

RHODELL, W.Va. — A small mining town in Raleigh County, whose roots date back more than 80 years, has dissolved its municipality.

The decision to dissolve the town of Rhodell has been in the works for years but was made official Tuesday by a vote from the Raleigh County Commission.

County Attorney Bill Roop said town residents initiated the decision to dissolve the town.

“They couldn’t afford to continue to operate,” Roop said. “… There’s not one business down there.”

The town of Rhodell was incorporated in 1937. The town itself is roughly 200 acres and is situated at the junction of Tommy Creek and Stonecoal Creek in southern Raleigh County.

In the 1950s, the town’s population was around 829. Data from the 2022 census put Rhodell’s population at 138.

Raleigh County Commissioner Dave Tolliver said he remembers a time when the town was filled with residents and thriving businesses.

“In 1968, they had a theater, they had Graham’s Market, and they had another store there,” Tolliver said.

Tolliver said he can remember being called into the town while working as an ambulance driver after leaving the Army in 1968.

However, the businesses that Tolliver remembers are no longer present in the town, leaving the municipality with no source of income.

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