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How do you shop for autos? Why do you buy?

Have you seen this Toyota Sequoia Limited?

CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. — Do you use online information when shopping for your automobiles? What makes you buy? The West Virginia Press Services wants to know.

With newspaper ads and online services, it’s easy to shop for a vehicle once you’re interested, but the WVPS wants to know how you get interested in a particular automobile?

Have you considered a Toyota Sequoia Limited?

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Do you spot your next car while driving? You see a sharp car on the road and get interested enough to shop? Do you see the cars featured in the advertisements in the newspaper and then visit the dealership? What is the impulse to shop, to buy?

While many people are very particular — they’re brand loyal, need an SUV or consider price the key element — others are interested in seeing special deals and autos.

Mike Ferrell Toyota of West Virginia is working with the West Virginia Press Association to see if online viewers are interested in seeing special automobiles and hearing about  deals.

Samantha Smith, advertising director for West Virginia Press Services, said, “It’s important to understand each market’s use of online advertising. Advertisers are still learning what works in terms of shopping and buying. We also know there are many options to any plan and great differences between shopping and buying.”

“With online marketing, it’s possible to drill down and target audiences. You can reach a very small niche. We understand that aspect of marketing today, but you still need to know how an audience responds to the marketing: What creates the impulse to act, to buy. Being aware isn’t the same as buying.”

Smith said there are many questions and that the answers change from audience to audience. Are enough members of a particular audience willing to look at an individual auto from an online advertisement? If you can reach a specific audience, is it more effective to feature advertisements offering general information or specific information?

In the coming weeks, the WVPA website will feature ads for individual automobiles. The autos will be special deals that the staff at Mike Ferrell Toyota of West Virginia thinks might attract interest.

Smith hopes gathering the data on the individual automobiles will provide insight into the online shopping and buying impulses of the marketplace.

To learn more, contact Smith at [email protected] or 304-342-1011, ext. 160, or visit at West Virginia Press Services at

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