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Opinion: Wanted in Williamson: Stability

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WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — Williamson has been on a roller coaster ride as of late, with Charlie Hatfield’s move out of power, to being back in power, to finally resigning from the office. Immediately following Hatfield’s removal, a new mayor was appointed by default since the city council couldn’t immediately come to a decision.

Finally, on May 9, the council approved naming Joseph Bucci the mayor and that appears to have stuck — for now.

All of this upheaval couldn’t be coming at a worse time for the city, once a local economic powerhouse. That no longer applies to Williamson, however, as the woes striking the coal industry and resultant changes in the railroad industry really struck at the heart of the city.

Perhaps that’s why the upheaval came to fruition. Maybe it’s not. But, it would be difficult to argue that it has helped the city find more stable financial footing or attract businesses.

No, the growth in Williamson that has been occurring appears to be coming about in spite of the city which has a recent track record of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory at every turn.

There’s still some settling to occur in the power structure of the town, but hopefully now that the Band-Aid has been pulled off and the extent of the infection has become even more clear, Williamson can change direction.

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