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Opinion: Glenville State College’s President Pellett answers the call

By Ed Given

The Braxton Citizens’ News

A couple of weeks ago my granddaughter Madison came in my office after school. She was upset that there was a problem with a college class she was taking through the high school.

Madison said she never received a statement from Glenville State College, and the colleg was now complaining about the fees not being paid. She had gotten the problem resolved, but was still upset. I listened intently and ask her if she would be willing to express her concerns to someone at the college. She readily said she would.

That same day I called W.Va. Delegate Brent Boggs, D-Braxton,  and explained the situation to him. I told him I felt Madison and probably many of her fellow BCHS students were forming a negative opinion of Glenville. He agreed and we set a plan in motion that he would contact the president and we would have a meeting at the Days Hotel after school so the students could outline their concerns. The plan called for Madison inviting six or seven of her classmates.

Brent called me back a few days later and told me Dr. Tracy Pellett, GSC president, was very interested in discussing the matter with the students.

Meeting day rolled around and between sickness and cold feet, Madison’s fellow students were unable to attend. Madison, her brother Sam, Brent and I met with Dr. Pellett, Dr. Gary Morris, VP of Academic Affairs and Marty Carver GSC VP of Enrollment.

Dr. Pallett, thanked Brent and I several times for contacting him and setting up the meeting. He said that he was very anxious to correct problems such as Madison had incurred but had to find out about them first.

The discussion was very good. Madison explained that the information highway had a serious pot hole and Dr. Pellett assured her that it would be corrected. They discussed how important Braxton County students were to Glenville and ask a lot of questions about how Madison and Sam thought they could better serve them. They both learned a great deal about what Glenville had to offer as well.

The meeting was extremely productive in a number of ways. All in attendance complement Maddie and Sam on the way they conducted themselves and represented their family and school. It certainly made this “Poppie” proud. The kids left with a real excitement about their higher education.

I was also impressed that these three very busy professionals took time to come to Braxton County to meet with these students. It wasn’t a big group nor was it an official school function, but they were genuinely interested in “making it right” for our students. I think that says a lot for the approach GSC is taking under Dr. Pellett’s leadership.

Glenville State College is not right for everyone and it may not be right for Maddie or Sam. However, they cannot make that decision without knowing what GSC has to offer. I think this meeting set wheels in motion that will help all students in our area have a better understanding of the college.

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