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New resort owners hope cabins near Hatfield-McCoy Trails help visitors stay longer


Williamson Daily News

Sports Outfitters LLC built and owns two fully furnished cabins in Alleys Branch just outside of Williamson.
(Chance Davis Photography)

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — A new study by the Center for Economic and Business Research has found there is a need for increased lodging and resort options across southern West Virginia for tourists visiting the rich, history-packed mountains or riding the world famous Hatfield and McCoy trails.

Local entrepreneurs Jeff and Anita Davis hope to ease these issues with the inception of Sport Outfitters LLC. The company has two cabins completed and fully furnished and are ready to house their first guests.

“I just feel like that tourism is West Virginia’s future, and obviously in our area that’s the Hatfield McCoy trail system,” owner Jeff Davis said while relaxing in one of his warm cabins in the Alleys Branch area outside of Williamson. “I’ve been an outdoorsmen and an outdoor lover my whole life, and I just came up with this idea and thought what better way to make a living and retire than by doing something I love.”

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