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New major video game to be set in post-apocalyptic West Virginia


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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — It may not be your uncle’s favorite sunshine-splashed version of “Country Roads,” but a new, dark and brooding version of the West Virginia anthem, has ushered in some exciting news Sunday afternoon in L.A. from Bethesda Game Studios director and executive producer Todd Howard who announced that his new game, “Fallout 76,” a prequel to the wildly successful 2015 video game, “Fallout 4,” will be based in the Mountain State.

Sunday afternoon at the Xbox Microsoft E3 2018 keynote, Howard, who was raised in Pennsylvania and went to college in Virginia, told the crowd that “Fallout 76,” would be set in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia 20 years after the devastating nuclear strike that created post-apocalyptic landscape of the Fallout canon, according to Polygon, Vox Media’s video gaming website.

A prequel to Fallout, “Fallout 76,” is to be four times bigger than the hit video game, “Fallout 4,” which came out in 2015.

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