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‘Mushroom Whisperer’ expects good year for the delicacies

By Barbara High, Mineral News and Tribune

BURLINGTON, W.Va. — Another spring and once again foragers are flocking to the woods, meadows, and mountains as it is morel season.

The mushroom seekers are out and about searching for the beloved cone-shaped fungus, and with some locals already having a little luck, the question is: Will this be a better season than last year?

Local morel hunter Zachary “Boone” Minshall has become well known for his morel finding abilities, and once again he is out and about putting many miles daily under his feet. Some have come to call Boone “The Morel Whisperer,” a title he doesn’t seem to mind. So what does The Morel Whisperer think about this season?

“I think it is going to be a good season; better than last season,” he told the News & Tribune. “But not as good as next,” he adds, laughing.

“I feel it is going to be a good year, as spring is coming on the way spring is supposed to, and because of the plentiful winter precipitation.

“People ask me what makes a good mushroom season,” he says, adding, “Two words: cooperative weather!

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