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Monroe County kindergartener spends 3 hours on the bus; for others it’s longer – with VIDEO

By Josephine E. Moore, The Register-Herald

MONROE COUNTY, W.Va. — In southeastern West Virginia, in a remote corner of Monroe County just a couple hollers north of the Virginia state line, bus rides to and from school can take up to two hours.

Families in the tiny unincorporated town of Waiteville say bus times have only gotten longer over the years with the consolidation of several schools in Monroe County.

Separated from the rest of the county and state by Peters Mountain, Waiteville is located in a geographic area that resembles a tiny boot that steps out into Virginia.

The community spans roughly 12 miles and is sandwiched between Craig County, Virginia and Giles County, Virginia.

Tammy Hale, whose granddaughter is in kindergarten, said she’s tried to approach school and county officials about reducing the time to get children to and fron school, but hasn’t been successful.

Instead, Hale said she and others have been made to feel like they are the cause of their children’s hardships because they chose to live where they do.

But for many families living in Waiteville, this corner of the county is where their parents, grandparents, and generations before them were born and raised. This is home.

So what do they do?

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