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Media Alert: American Rosie the Riveter Press Conference 3:15 p.m. Wednesday at Capitol

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Thanks! Plain and Simple, a West Virginia non-profit organization, is holding a press conference at the State Capitol Wednesday, Aug. 30, 3:15 outline West Virginia plans in advance a a national Labor Day effort to honor the women known as “Rosie the Riveters”

WHO:     West Virginians who are founding and leading the American Rosie the Riveter Movement (often called ARMS UP!)

Coordinated by: Thanks! Plain and Simple (“Thanks!”), a WV nonprofit organization.

Featuring: Senator Sue Cline (daughter of a Rosie) and Buddie Curnutte (a Rosie)


WHAT:   Press Conference to announce: West Virginia is the first state to ring a replica of the Liberty Bell during a unified, nationwide “Ring a Bell for Rosies” on Labor Day


WHERE:   W.Va. State Capitol Grounds, Charleston, W.Va., at Liberty Bell Replica (north of Capitol Bldg.)

WHEN:              Wednesday, Aug. 30, 3:15 p.m.

WHY:     To preview Labor Day events to honor Rosie the Riveters for their unified work that was         critical in helping to win and shorten World War II, which is guiding America today.



For more information, media should contact:
Anne Montague, Exe. Dir., Thanks!
304-776-4743 or (c) 304-545-9818
Senator Sue Cline, 304-222-7484,
(text preferred over email by Sen. Cline)


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Thanks! Plain and Simple, a West Virginia non-profit organization, is holding a press conference to: 1) show the media the replica of the Liberty Bell that will be rung at the WV State Capitol on Labor Day, 2) announce that West Virginia is taking a leading role in guiding the nation to honor the remarkable women, known as “Rosie”, for their Herculean home front work that has helped direct the course of freedom, and 3) introduce Nick Withrow, a Nitro High School senior, who will receive an award by “Thanks!” in Washington at the National Cathedral on Labor Day as the first “Model Rosie the Riveter Teen in America.”

The bell at West Virginia”s State Capitol is one of 55 duplicates of the Liberty Bell cast in France after WWII and placed in each state and territory. It will be the first to be rung to honor “Rosies”. “Thanks!” will coordinate other states to ring these historic bells in unison to honor Rosies, 2018.

At the Press Conference, Curnutte, Cline, Withrow, and Montague will speak about the significance of ringing bells at the same moment. Charleston, Washington, about 50 other American locations, including four others in West Virginia, plus some places in Europe will participate on Labor Day.

The Charleston Labor Day event will be co-emceed by Curnutte and Cline to express, “We pull better when we pull together”. This Rosie wartime chant is a major message of the Rosie Movement.

“Rosies”, now in their 90’s, represent all civilian women workers on the home front during World War II doing jobs then considered, “man’s work.” They were riveters, welders, farmhands, sheet-metal workers, FBI agents, and more. Their numbers equalled the number of men in the military.

On Labor Day, ceremonies will start at 12:30. Bell ringing will occur at precisely1:00 p.m. EDT.

At the press conference Wednesday, Labor Day handouts will be available to the media.




For more than nine years, Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc. (“Thanks!”) has created ways for all Americans to pull together, using Rosie the Riveters, as models of Americans who pull together to do first-quality work, cooperatively, for the higher cause of freedom.  “West Virginians are for Rosies. Rosies are for partnerships that work.”

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