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Marshall faculty award winners, retirees honored at meeting

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The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — More than 500 years of service to Marshall University was recognized during Marshall’s spring general faculty meeting in the Don Morris Room on campus.

The event annually is a recognition ceremony of achievements by faculty members throughout the academic year, and Monday’s occasion in the Don Morris Room of the Memorial Student Center was no exception.

Rebecca Johnson, an associate professor of journalism, and Dr. Michael Norton, a professor of chemistry, were presented with Distinguished Service Awards.

To qualify for Distinguished Service Awards, a person must have at least 20 years of service at Marshall University, a record of distinguished service to the university, and a record of distinguished teaching as evidenced by peer, administrative and/or student evaluations.

Johnson was one of 21 faculty members who were recognized for their service to Marshall ahead of their retirement at the end of the academic year.

A total of 506 years of service were recognized during the event among the following faculty: Timothy Balch, University Libraries; Dr. Stephen Cooper, College of Liberal Arts; Linda Dobbs, College of Arts and Media; Dr. Christopher Dlmetsch,o College of Liberal Arts; Dr. Renee Domanico, School of Medicine; Dr. Terry Fenger, College of Science; Mary Grassell, College of Arts and Media; Dr. Donald Hall, College of Education and Professional Development; Rebecca Johnson, College of Arts and Media; Christine Lewis, University Libraries; Dr. Marc Lindberg, College of Liberal; Peter Massing, College of Arts and Media; Dr. Steven Mewaldt, College of Liberal Arts; Dr. Elizabeth Murray, College of Science; Dr. Anise Nash, School of Medicine; Dr. Gerald Rubin, College of Science; David Spudich, Lewis College of Business; Dr. Pamela Staton, College of Science; Dr. Louis Watts, College of Education; Dr. Jeanne Widener, College of Health Professions.

Three individuals and a team of three people were presented with the Distinguished Artists and Scholars Awards, which requires faculty members to either be tenured or hold tenure-track appointments. The purpose of the award is to recognize distinction in the fields of artistic and scholarly activity on the part of the Marshall faculty.

The recipients of the award were:

Dr. Jinsong Hao, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences and research;

Dr. Mark Zanter, professor of music;

Team recipients

Dr. Carl Mummert, associate professor of mathematics;

Dr. Elizabeth Niese, assistant professor of mathematics; and

 Dr. Michael Schroeder, assistant professor of mathematics, College of Science.

Dr. Kimberly McFall, assistant professor of elementary and secondary education, and Dr. Carl Mummert, associate professor of mathematics, were presented with the John and Frances Rucker Graduate Adviser of the Year award, which acknowledges the contributions of Marshall’s outstanding graduate advisers.

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