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Many West Virginia school employees hold down after-school jobs to stay afloat with teachers’ salaries


Times West Virginian

Teachers and service personnel from White Hall Elementary picket near Walmart in Fairmont where they could reach a large amount of traffic.
(Times West Virginian photo by Eddie Trizzino)

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Sameera Abu-Ghannam works a few days a week at Cheddar’s in Morgantown for some extra money.

She does this in the evenings and nights after school, where she works during the day for her full-time job.

“I’m there after school from 5:30 to 11 Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes on Mondays,” Abu-Ghannam, a teacher at West Fairmont Middle School, said. “I’ve had that job for seven years, I’ve been a teacher for three.”

While picketing against West Virginia legislative changes, many of the teachers and service personnel participating said they held down an a job outside of school for a necessary second income. Some of these employees, such as Abu-Ghannam, have had these jobs before they began teaching, and never left because they still need the money.

“I work at Colasessano’s for three days a week,” Brian Cleveland, a teacher at West Fairmont Middle School, said. “I pick up more hours when I have the time.”

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