Manchin: West Virginia’s Day Report Center model for treating addicts should be used nationwide


The Journal

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin , D-W Va., said he plans to pitch West Virginia’s day report centers as models for treating opioid addicts on a national level, claiming it’s a more effective and economically efficient approach than incarceration in federal and state jails.

To that end, Manchin plans to approach the Federal Bureau of Prisons to explain that DRCs in Ranson and in Martinsburg take a holistic approach toward treating opioid addicts, with both medical and therapeutic treatment.

“If we can get the Federal Bureau of Prisons to understand that it is a much more efficient way with federal and state officials working together,”Manchin said, “why can’t we use the states like West Virginia that have gone to the front line of defense as far as drug abuse and addiction? Let’s look at what they’ve done (in West Virginia) and piggyback on it. We — West Virginia — could be the model. “

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