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‘Let’s do it again:’ West Virginia Gov. Justice supportive of additional tax cuts

By Charles Young, The Exponent Telegram

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice is fully on board for additional cuts to the state’s personal income tax.

Justice, during his press briefing Wednesday, said he is opposed to delaying the trigger within the income tax package he signed into law last year, which could activate a further personal income tax reduction this summer.

“Let’s do it again,” Justice said. “I mean, let’s just keep doing it. The more money we put in the hands of our people — it’s their money in the first place — but the more money that we put in the hands of our people, the better things happen.”

State Sen. President Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, recently told WV News he would like to see lawmakers take action during the upcoming special session to delay the trigger by one year.

“How we set that trigger up was a mistake,” Blair said. “It needs to be adjusted so it’s one year out. Not so that it saves the state any money — that’s not it. It’s being able to have long-term budgets.”

House Bill 2625, the tax package, included a 21.25% initial reduction in the state’s personal income tax, as well as built-in mechanisms for triggering further reductions.

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