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Jenkins asks the DEA to re-evaluate opioid production quota system


The Register-Herald

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — U.S. Representative Evan Jenkins sent a letter to the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency asking the agency to re-evaluate its quota system for opioid production.

U.S. Rep. Evan Jenkins

Jenkins sent the letter Monday to DEA Director Chuck Rosenberg. According to the news release, Jenkins said he believes the quota system for opioid production needs to be reformed because of West Virginia’s opioid crisis, in particular, along with problems across the country.

He also asked the director several questions related to the quota system as it relates to policy and procedures.

“For years, the DEA approved dramatic increases in the aggregate levels of drug ingredients, all at a time when more and more opioids were being manufactured and prescribed,” Jenkins wrote in the letter. “The DEA must evaluate all areas that are involved in the opioid epidemic, including the quota process. I respectfully ask that you evaluate the DEA quota system to guarantee safeguards are in place so this country never again faces an opioid crisis like we are seeing today.

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