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It takes a village

By Laura Dean Bennett, The Pocahontas Times

HUNTERSVILLE, W.Va. — They say, “It takes a village,” and that is certainly true.

Any difficult, but worthwhile cause, takes passion and dedication to make it happen and to bring it to life.

Huntersville Historic Traditions’ president, Tim Wade welcomed about 125 people who gathered on a sunny afternoon to commemorate and celebrate West Virginia and Pocahontas County history.

They were seated on a grassy field between the old jail at Huntersville and the restored portion of the county’s first courthouse.

The dedication of the rebuilt “Old Clerk’s Office” took a journey of almost five years of hard work, state and county funds and many private donations to bring the project from a dream to reality.

That small remnant of the county’s first courthouse, the “Clerk’s Office,” has now been restored and was officially on display to the public June 14.

Some two hundred years ago, this had been the center of the village of Huntersville – the home of Colonel John Bradshaw, and the seat of county government.

The little knoll along Barlow Lane Road is now becoming known as Courthouse Square.

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