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Holiday gratitude: A Litany of Thanksgiving

By Adam R. Kelly, The Journal

Adam Kelly (1924-1990) wrote The Country Editor column for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel – a sister newspaper of The Journal – for many years.

Thanksgiving is a particular time, like the bright and shining poetic moments of Camelot, to express gratitude for our own particular circumstances.

It has been my custom for several years now to share with you my own personal litany of Thanksgiving. Looking over these pieces for the last decade reveals just how strikingly repetitive they have been and Lord, what a blessing that is! My life has not changed in any great dramatic fashion over the past decade; much for which I expressed gratitude then I remain thankful for today.

The glorious wonder of it all is that so much of my own personal litany of Thanksgiving is for things which many would place in the category of the ordinary. But this is a marvelous time to reflect on the ordinary things which make life so full of meaning; so wonderful; things for which I am so grateful.

It is always difficult to express deep and heartfelt emotion through words alone. I will try this day with these of mine to express thankfulness to a merciful Creator for my continued existence in His world.

Family and freedom are ordinary words … except for those who cannot now experience those blessings, and so, Lord, this day I give You thanks for the priceless privileges which are mine as an American citizen … The freedom to speak, to write, to think, without government interference or control; the right to worship You in any way I choose,

I thank you, Lord.

For the joy that comes from being a member of a wonderful … ordinary … family,

I thank you, Lord.

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