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Editorial: Primary will answer some questions, raise others

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It will be a few days before votes in the West Virginia primary election are counted and winners are certified. Is it too early to think ahead to the general election in November? Not really.

We do know the barrage of black-and-white political ads on TV will take a summer respite, and our mail carriers won’t be expected to deliver so much junk political mail until around Labor Day, Or that’s the hope. The annual United Workers of America picnic at Racine in Boone County on Labor Day usually features political speeches by candidates seeking support of working people. That will come after a summer of fundraising and strategizing by candidates who survived a crowded primary election.

Soon we will know which Republican hopeful for the governor’s office will have proved he is the most loyal to likely presidential nominee Donald Trump. What that has to do with preparing a state budget, correcting problems in the foster care system, restoring confidence in the state police and many other state-level problems is hard to say, but judging from political ads, the candidates consider that the most important criterion for public office.

Speaking of which, some candidates say they want to use the governor’s office to help Trump drain the swamp that is Washington, D.C. But if we were to look for the swamp in state-level politics, whose names and what party affiliations would you find? Is there a swamp at the Capitol Complex, and should it be drained?

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