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Editorial: Ojeda is best choice to represent 3rd District

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No one should doubt Richard Ojeda’s determination or his passion. Old-timers might say he’s as subtle as a chain saw. He’s a fighter. He is someone who is not afraid of putting himself forward and accepting the risks that come with it. That’s what West Virginia needs in the U.S. House of Representatives, and it’s why The Logan Banner endorses him in the race for the 3rd District.

Ojeda is from Logan County. He was elected to the state Senate two years ago after spending several years running the ROTC program at Chapmanville Regional High School. Before that he spent 24 years in the Army. His service included three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While Ojeda has had a few legislative accomplishments in his first two years in the state Senate, he may best be known for being the first legislator to ally himself with striking teachers and championing their cause at the Capitol earlier this year. Some saw that as leadership. Some saw it as opportunism. But the teachers got the raise they were seeking, and the Republican leadership in the Legislature has promised another raise once the regular session begins in January.

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