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Editorial: Let us remember

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Today marks the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings along the coast in Normandy, France. On that day, thousands of brave soldiers made their way onto the beaches along the coast to fight a battle that would change the course of a war that changed the course of our history.

Throughout the battles there in France, hundreds and hundreds of our servicemembers were killed as they invaded on foreign soil to attempt to set the world to rights once again.

We as a nation need to remember the sacrifices of those who left their homes and families to defend and protect the rights of Americans and their Allies. I am sure that most of those soldiers did not anticipate never coming home again and now they are buried in hallowed ground above the shores of the beaches where they perished.

It is imperative that we remember and that we share the history with the generations to come. There are so few of these brave servicemen still alive who lived through this day. Their stories have hopefully been recorded so that they can be shared, not only to know their experiences, but to know why they had to be there. And the stories to be told should be the actual stories and not one from a movie set to fabricate and dramatize their service.

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