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Editorial: Capito holds the fate of millions

From the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

Sen. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., says she is studying intensely to decide whether to support the proposed Senate Republican replacement of the Affordable Care Act. She says she will “evaluate whether it provides access to affordable health care for West Virginians, including those on the Medicaid expansion and those struggling with drug addiction.”

Well, every analysis says the GOP bill would hurt affordable care for West Virginians, especially those on the Medicaid expansion and those struggling with drug addiction.

Therefore, we hope that Capito will be among a few moderate Republicans to break with her party and save health care for millions of Americans.

This is a historic moment. If the GOP replacement passes and is signed by President Donald Trump, medical treatment in America will be profoundly damaged. The dream of universal care for everyone will suffer a dreadful setback. Everything hinges on whether a handful of GOP moderates, like Capito, can summon enough courage to defy their party.

After the Senate version was revealed Thursday, the director of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care said it would “literally wreck the lives of hundreds of thousands of West Virginians who rely on Medicaid.”

Chantal Fields said it would “cut off the Medicaid lifeline for seniors … people with disabilities … and many hard-working adults who have no health insurance coverage through their jobs.” She added that it would “also be a hard blow to our rural hospitals, health clinics and other providers.”

The motive for the GOP wipeout of the Affordable Care Act is to reduce taxes paid by the rich. That’s a disgusting reason to strip medical insurance from millions.

History will be made in a few days. The outcome is up to a few midstream Republican senators. If they join Senate Democrats to rescue health care for multitudes, it will be a blessing to this nation.

We pray that Capito will take this brave step.

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