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Citizens speak out on President Trump’s first 100 days in office


Bluefield Daily Telegraph

BLUEFIELD, W.Va.  — As President Donald Trump nears his first 100 days in office, citizens spoke out both in support of Trump and against him.

Jason Dale Walker, from Nashville, Tennessee, said he thinks Trump has done well with the presidency especially “considering that Congress is against him.” “I loving the fact that I am seeing a lot more coal on the rails down here in the Nashville area which lets me know that people in McDowell, Mercer, Wyoming and Tazewell counties are going back to work,” Walker said.

Mark Gregory, from Savannah, Georgia, said President Trump’s first 100 days can only be described as “rough.” “His actions and words have been an assault on the American psyche,” Gregory said. “From complete policy turnarounds, such as who’s paying for the wall, and China’s role in our economic distress, to failed campaign promises (bringing back coal, to the legalize it movement) he has proved that at the least his words during the campaign were empty, if not, right out lies. Then one must contemplate his repeated bashing of long time global allies, think about British Parliament’s stance on him attending a session and his meanness towards Australia, Mexico and his spats with Canada. No, Mr. Trump is a fan of our first responders and military in words only. His modus operandi has had the result of putting these folks in increasing danger since day one. So, maybe rough is an understatement but I must hope that the ends will eventually justify his means, mustn’t I?”

Lindsey Harless from Wytheville, Va. said the first 100 days of the Trump presidency have gone exactly how many people “expected and feared.” “He showed us his true colors during the election but was elected anyway,” Harless said. “This man was not elected because of his meticulously thought out plans for improving our country or political know how because he did not even have some of the policies formulated during the election. He was elected through fear mongering, people that were just desperate to have democrats out of the White House, to keep Hillary Clinton from being elected, and/or some other reasons that I will never understand. Now that he has been elected and has fallen on many (if not all) of his campaign promises, his popularity rating is understandably dropping.”

Walker also said the fact that coal miners are going back to work is great news for the Bluefield area. “For the Bluefield area, that’s great news,” Walker said. “The response that he gave to Syria with destroying that chemical weapon stockpile and the airbase where the attack came from might not have been enough but it was a good start and should be viewed as a wake up call that the United States is not a push over like we have been viewed over the last eight years. What I don’t think is gonna work too well is the wall and the repeal and replace of Obamacare because there is so much opposition to it.”

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