Children learn through playing: Toys aid in teaching technology in Ohio County schools


The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register

JoJo Shay, innovation coordinator for Ohio County Schools, shows the workings of the Think and Play Code-A-Pillar, which teaches students thought processes needed for coding and robotics.
(Intelligencer photo by Joselyn King)

WHEELING, W.Va.  — Elementary school students might think they’re just playing when they add robotics to Legos, or figure out how to assemble the sections of a toy caterpillar so that it moves and precisely turns across the floor.

But technology-based toys are teaching young children in Ohio County Schools the thought processes they need as society moves toward a future where technology skills and thinking will be needed.

Oddly enough, students typically can be handed the toy with little or no instruction and know-how to make it work, according to JoJo Shay, innovation coordinator for Ohio County Schools.

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