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New Book: ‘Hurrah For Liberals’ shows what’s right, or wrong, today

If you follow politics, the new book by Charleston Gazette-Mail’s editor emeritus James Haught — “Hurrah For Liberals” — is a must read.
Hurrah For LIberalsBecause, depending on your politics, it documents either what’s exactly right or what’s exactly wrong with the general direction of this country! From either viewpoint, you’ll want to read the book. 
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While liberals will love the book and all should have one at the house as a historical reference guide, it’s the conservatives who will probably make the printing a success.
Trying to motivate the conservative base? This book defines the fight.
Discussing Haught’s book at a meeting of conservatives is waving a Playboy in church and condemning porn. You’ll fire up the congregation, increase the offering and interest even the backslider.
The book offers an interesting look at the historical political differences of liberals and conservatives — with a lot of West Virginia notes — and shows that current discussions haven’t changed dramatically on some issues.
No one has to agree with Haught but he does make you think.
Promotional information for Hurrah For Liberals:

How civilization advancesHurrah For LIberals

Liberal victories created modern freedoms.

Conservatives tried to block voting by women, but lost.  They tried to prevent couples from using birth control, but lost.  They also tried to obstruct Social Security pensions — and to outlaw labor unions — and prevent unemployment compensation — and keep stores closed on the Sabbath — and sustain Prohibition of alcohol — and halt racial integration — and impose government-led prayer in school — and throw gays in prison — and defeat Medicare and Medicaid — and halt the sexual revolution — and block equal human rights laws — and censor sexy magazines, books and movies — and jail girls and doctors who end pregnancies — and ban liquor clubs and lotteries — and revoke the Affordable Care Act — and halt same-sex marriage.  But they lost and lost.

This book shows how liberals struggled, sometimes for centuries, to overcome conservatives and improve life for humanity.

HURRAH FOR LIBERALS:  How Progressives Defeated Conservatives to Create Democracy, Human Rights and Safe Modern Life. By James A. Haught

For paperback or e-book, click HERE


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