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Archie Comic’s Riverdale, fictional town or close to home?

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The last panel of a Riverdale comic book clearly shows two characters walking next to a sign identical to the one in Lewisburg.
(Image Rights belong to Archie Comics)

LEWISBURG, W.Va. — Fans of the television show Riverdale, along with readers of  the Archie comic book series, have probably seen a recent post that has gained traction across Facebook recently.

A photo of the last page of a Riverdale comic book had eagle-eyed fans noticing something familiar. Clearly seen in the last panel of the comic page is a signpost, the exact same signpost as situated at the main intersection in downtown Lewisburg.

Riverdale is the fictional town where the Archie comics take place, and is the name of the rebooted comics, as well as a hit TV show based around the Archie characters. The TV series debuted in January 2017, and quickly gained traction on popular streaming platforms like Netflix.

It’s unknown if the mimicked sign does indeed mean that the show is set in West Virginia, but for local fans, it’s certainly an exciting possibility.

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