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AARP Fraud Watch Network: Learn nine scams con artists use on veterans

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Protect Yourself from Con Artists’ Latest Tricks

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Every year, thousands of Americans are impacted by fraud and scams – but you can beat con artists at their own game by joining the AARP Fraud Watch Network. When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • The latest, breaking scam alerts, delivered right to your inbox
  • Prevention tips based on thousands of hours of interviews with con artists and law enforcement
  • Access to resources from our network of experts
  • Access to a special network of people like you who are sharing their experiences with scams, so you know what to watch out for

The Fraud Watch Network is free of charge for everyone – members, non-members, and people of all ages. You’ll learn how to shop and bank safely, create strong passwords, protect yourself from identity theft and scams, use social media risk-free, and more.

AARP also has Operation Protect Veterans. See the top nine scams cons use to target veterans.

Veterans should watch out for the scams in this brochure. 

Scammers are targeting military veterans. Get tips to fight back!

Protect yourself and your family. Join the AARP Fraud Watch Network today!


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