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‘West Virginia Can’t Wait’ to decriminalize marijuana possession

By Savanna Shriver, Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — A West Virginia group is working on a ballot initiative to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis.

West Virginia Can’t Wait Field Director Sarah Hutson said if enough citizen petitions are approved, and then voters pass the initiative, cannabis possession would be handled similar to a speeding ticket. Possession within Fairmont city limits would still count as a misdemeanor charge, but there would be no jail time, associated fees or court costs.

“So, that’s what the goal is, and essentially, the ordinance that we have would do. It’s commonly referred to as, ‘No fines, no time and no court costs,’” Hutson said.

West Virginia Can’t Wait is a grassroots political movement headed by Stephen Smith, who ran for West Virginia governor in 2020. Its members work to recruit, train and back “No-corporate cash candidates,” and give back to community leaders who “do the work that the government fails to do,” according to their website…

To read more: https://www.timeswv.com/news/local_news/wv-cant-wait-to-decriminalize-marijuana-possession/article_25221b1e-e1dc-11ec-8db6-1363db6d89ba.html

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