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West Virginia Senate Judiciary tweaks and approves governor’s bill to ban TikTok from all government devices

By David Beard, The Dominion Post

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved the governor’s TikTok ban bill.

SB 426 says the Chief Information Security Officer will develop standards regarding banned high-risk technology platforms or products. All levels of government – local governments, K-12 schools, higher education, and state entities – must enforce those standards.

In addition, all levels of government “must remove, restrict, and ban those high-risk technology platforms or products that pose a cybersecurity threat from all government systems, services, networks, devices, or locations.”

A Judiciary Committee tweak of the bill adds a specific reference to TikTok.

Committee counsel told the senators that since 2020, at least 25 states have targeted these issues, with many specifically aimed at TikTok – which is closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party. The bans are bipartisan, occurring in red and blue states…

To read more: https://www.dominionpost.com/2023/01/24/senate-judiciary-tweaks-and-approves-governors-bill-to-ban-tiktok-from-all-government-devices/

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