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West Virginia International Yeager Airport unveils its new branding

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — est Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW) today unveiled its new brand, “showcasing our story of transformation while maintaining our roots through our new tagline, ‘It starts at home.'”

In developing the new logo, CRW officials said they wanted to balance its history with their vision for aviation in West Virginia. The new logo acknowledges the airport’s physical location and state’s nickname, The Mountain State, as portrayed with imagery in the logo.

While the logo has changed, CRW officials said its mission to become the state’s most important economic engine has not: ” That is represented by the curved line touching the mountain and arching into the sky to define a flight path as we make advances in aviation and education.”

Even as the name has changed over the years from Kanawha Airport to Yeager Airport to West Virginia International Yeager Airport, CRW, the airport code, will always remain the same. “Every detail of who we are is represented, down to the detail of the font used for CRW, visually communicating our forward momentum,” officials said.

“Our new brand is indicative of the vision we have for CRW’s future as it encompasses our continued commitment to West Virginia,” Airport Director & CEO Nick Keller. “As we accelerate the forward momentum, we realized our brand needed to evolve and match the responsibility we have to become the largest economic engine in the state.”

“When designing this logo, CRW contracted with the Vela Agency, knowing they would take on the big challenge with creativity and a thorough understanding of who we are. Customers will see a completely redesigned look beginning with CRW’s website and social media platforms.”


About West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW): A study done by the West Virginia Aeronautics Commission says CRW is responsible for nearly 3,000 jobs and has a $225-million economic impact in the state. CRW is the largest commercial Airport in West Virginia, with service provided by American, Delta, Spirit, and United Airlines. The Airport’s Organizational Vision is: “To become the most important economic engine for the state through advances in aviation and education.” CRW, in conjunction with the West Virginia National Guard, hosts the Home Base Program. The program works to facilitate military ground, tactical, and air training in West Virginia.

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