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West Virginia House Education approves scaled-down version of Senate Anti-Racism Act

By David Beard, The Dominion Post

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The House Education Committee followed up an early Monday public hearing on the Senate’s Anti-Racism Act – with speakers overwhelmingly against it – with two hours of debate and passage of a scaled-down version.

That version will go to House Judiciary where the House’s version of the same bill was previously turned into a study resolution.

SB 498 is called the Anti-Racism Act and, as it came from the Senate, forbids the teaching in K-12 schools and higher education of various principals such as that one race, ethnic group, or biological sex is inherently, morally, or intellectually superior to another. Many of the topics on the forbidden list are associated with Critical Race Theory, though the bill never uses that term.

During the hearing opponents outweighed proponents 23-4…

To read more: https://www.dominionpost.com/2022/03/07/house-education-approves-scaled-down-version-of-senate-anti-racism-act/

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