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West Virginia Governor Justice on gas tax holiday: “Dead on arrival”

By Steven Allen Adams, The Journal

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Despite saying earlier this week he was giving the idea reconsideration, Gov. Jim Justice said Wednesday a 30-day gas tax holiday isn’t possible, with no interest from Republican legislative leaders.

“It’s completely dead,” Justice said Wednesday morning during a virtual briefing at the State Capitol. “A lot of people are questioning me why I’m not moving on this, and I really felt strongly it would be a waste of time. But we’ve heard from the majority…and they do not have an interest.”

During Monday’s COVID-19 virtual briefing, Justice said he was giving some thought to reconsidering a 30-day freeze of the state’s 35.7 cent per gallon gasoline tax. Democratic lawmakers first asked Justice to consider a gas tax holiday in March, which Justice dismissed as a “publicity stunt.” …

To read more: https://www.journal-news.net/journal-news/gov-justice-on-gas-tax-holiday-dead-on-arrival/article_e2df8126-73c1-52a7-bf93-7114601f3211.html

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