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West Virginia Department of Education eases teacher requirement

By Jim Bissett, The Dominion Post

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In 2015 in West Virginia, some 600 technically non-certified teachers were in front of public school classrooms.

That number has now more than doubled, with 1,544 such educators doling out the lessons for the next generation of students coming up.

The “technical” part comes down to the subject and the class period, Carla Warren said recently.

Warren, a former classroom teacher who now directs development and support services for the state Department of Education, broke it down two weeks ago before reporters and the public at the start of the 2023 Legislative session.

“We have certified teachers,” she said, “but they’re teaching out of their content area.”

That’s because there aren’t as many new teachers readying to take their place, come retirement or career change…

To read more: https://www.dominionpost.com/2023/01/19/w-va-department-of-education-eases-teacher-requirement/

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