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Remembering 56 miners lost in West Virginia

 By Jim Bissett, The Dominion Post

OSAGE, W,Va. — Did John Powley have time to think about the baby that was still in his wife’s belly?

What about Jack Jones, the piano teacher? Was he mulling over songs and lessons? While Jones wasn’t formally trained as a music educator, he sure knew his way around those 88 keys, black and white.

And he happily taught all those coal camp kids, black and white, how to run up and down them, pounding out that boogie-woogie, eight beats to the bar.

At 2:25 p.m., on Tuesday, May 12, 1942, it ended for both men — just like that.

That was when a piece of machinery sent an electrical arc into a methane-clouded cranny of the Christopher No. 3 Mine, which was a centerpiece of the Osage coal camp at Scotts Run, near Morgantown…

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