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Opinion: W.Va. Senator Mike Caputo expresses disappointment over Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Sen. Mike Caputo, D- Marion, regarding the recent Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization verdict as it addresses Roe vs. Wade:

Senator Mike Caputo

I am so, so bitterly disappointed in our United States Supreme Court. The courts should be a place devoid of politics, but this decision and its majority opinions — both leaked and published — are overtly political.

Protections that have been in place for women and pregnant people for 50 years have been overturned. We have lost legal protections from government control of personal medical decisions and a person’s right to choose their own future.

Being a parent and a grandparent has been one of my greatest joys in life. It is one of the best choices my wife and I ever made. But it was just that — a choice. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not to be a parent.

I believe every person should be able to control what happens to their body, and that decision should be made with a sober heart in the consultation of medical professionals — not politicians.

I am proud to remain pro-choice. I encourage constituents who are angered, saddened, or moved by the SCOTUS decision to take those emotions to the polls in November.

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