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Opinion: Save Energy – Save Money

By Charlotte Lane

Chair, West Virginia Public Service Commission

Energy usage has seasonal spikes. Incomes do not. That’s why it is important to conserve as
much energy as possible, because saving energy is saving money.

Charlotte R. Lane

Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power Companies have several programs to assist residential
customers conserve energy and save money. Through the Home Performance Program, the
company will, at no charge to the customer, send an energy auditor to the customer’s home to
perform a personalized home energy assessment and make recommendations. The program also
tracks your progress and savings as you take energy saving measures.

The companies’ Low Income Weatherization Program provides weatherization products and
services to qualifying residential customers to reduce energy bills and improve the homes’

Customers in the Peak Reduction Program have a small load management device installed near
their outside central air conditioning unit. During a very limited number of peak demand events,
the company will activate this device to cycle the air conditioner’s compressor on and off in 15-
minute intervals. While activated, the air conditioner’s fan will circulate room temperature air
through the ductwork during the off cycles. Most participants do not notice a change in the
home’s temperature.

The Charge Forward program offers customers incentives to purchase and/or install Energy Star
certified Level 2 (220 volt) electric vehicle charging equipment for their homes. Through the
Switch & Save Program, customers can save money by upgrading to a newer, smarter and more
energy efficient system. Eligible customers can receive up to $900 when they replace their
current, non-regulated fuel source furnace with a high-efficiency electric heat pump. While
these two programs will increase the customers’ electric bill, the customers should see a net
savings due to the elimination of other fuel bills such as gasoline, propane and heating oil.

The company also offers a variety of rebates. Customers can save on many items, including
insulation, smart thermostats, air purifiers, ventilation fans, dehumidifiers, water dispensers, even
refrigerators and freezers.

The complete list of all Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power’s
energy efficiency programs can be found at: www.takechargewv.com.
So let’s start saving energy and money.


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