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New book highlights golden age, rich history of Bramwell, W.Va.

By Greg Jordan, Princeton Times

BRAMWELL, W.Va. — A photographer’s efforts and an historical interpreter’s research have come together to create a new book that describes a small town enriched by the history of residents who became coalfield millionaires and built the homes to prove it.

“Bramwell’s Golden Years: The Homes and History of Bramwell, W.Va.” was created by photographer Hal Brainerd and historical interpreter Elizabeth L. “Betty” Goins.

Brainerd and Goins went to the new Honeycomb Cafe on Main Street and spoke about how the new book came together.

“I wanted to do this book for many years and it was a dream that I don’t think I really took seriously until I mentioned it so many times to Jackie Sheahan who lives in the Tudor House (the Thomas House),” Brainerd recalled. “And she said, ‘Why don’t you do it? You could do it.’” Brainerd went to the Bramwell Foundation with the idea. The foundation’s members thought it was a wonderful idea, and pointed out that the Bramwell Theater Corporation that raises funds for such projects. Goins is a member of both organizations…

To read more: https://www.ptonline.net/news/new-book-highlights-golden-age-rich-history-of-bramwell/article_74c7f226-0cba-11ec-8054-77923c89cbaa.html

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